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History Teacher Suspended After Video Emerges of Him Inappropriately Touching Student in Classroom

An Illinois high school history teacher has been suspended after video emerged of him rubbing the back and grabbing the waste of a teenage female student.

The video was filmed on Monday. In it you can see Travis Holland rubbing the girl’s back before taking his hand around her waist. This happened in a classroom at Eagerville High School.

When Holland’s hand moves slowly down her back and goes around her waist, he then pulled her in closer toward him. Holland is also the school’s baseball coach.

Since the incident emerged he has been suspended without pay. This happened on Tuesday shortly after the Rutherford County School District was made aware of the situation.

A parent of a child at Eagerville claimed to WZTN that there have been several complaints filed against Holland for inappropriate touching. The parents of the girl in the video claim that Holland was attempting to console her after a death in her family.

When the video surfaced, Holland was not suspended immediately. He was able to coach a baseball game Wednesday night, but was then told not to come back to his job until further notice on Thursday. He will remain suspended until the investigation by the Rutherford County School District has concluded.

“We were notified [Tuesday] of the video and did an initial review, but then deferred to law enforcement and DCS for their review. We have now heard back from both agencies and they are not pursuing any further investigation,” the school system said in a released statement.

There were many angry reactions to the video on Twitter:

This Twitter user made a great point about how if he is this comfortable doing this in front of a classroom, he has definitely done this before.

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