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Chinese Manufacturers Put Spyware on 700 Android Devices

A FOX Business News report has uncovered some startling news. Chinese manufacturers put Spyware on 700 Android devices. The spyware was pre-installed on the device. What that means is when someone purchases the device there is already spyware loaded on it. This is an extremely unethical practice, not to mention it is illegal.

China Manufacturers Put Spyware on 700 Android Devices

Why is this important? This is an incredible invasion of privacy by the Chinese. This allows them to listen to your calls, read your texts, look at your contacts, steal the contacts of your family and friends and they are even able to control your device remotely. This is an incredible invasion of privacy that is not accepted in the United States. The companies state that they did not mean to install this on devices that are being shipped to the United States.

Android Devices Come Pre-Loaded With Spyware

This is a very concerning report. People assume that when you purchase a phone it is untouched and completely safe to use. This report contradicts that in a big way.

The Chinese manufacturers are acting like this spyware was a mistake. They are able to gather a great deal of information from smartphones, TVs and other devices. Many experts believe this was no accident and they are purposely trying to gain information with these illegal practices.

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